La Petraia

La Petraia

It's been called “one of the most beautiful places on earth”, “inspiring”, “magical”, even “Utopia”. We’re flattered, but for us it’s home. And we want to share it with you, the wine, the produce and the place that is Petraia.

Join us for a taste. Susan McKenna Grant, author of the award winning books, Piano Piano Pieno: Authentic Food from a Tuscan Farm, and Dinamica: La Petraia Cucina Sistemica at KM 0, will be your host and resident chef.

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La Petraia La Petraia La Petraia

With some of the highest vineyards in the Chianti Classico zone, La Petraia is perched in the hills just outside Radda in Chianti in the heart of Tuscany's oldest wine region. The estate comprises 65 hectares including vines, olive and heirloom fruit trees, vegetable gardens and an ancient chestnut grove.

The property is also home to an Etruscan archeological site called Piazza di Siena. It is easy to see why the Etruscans chose to settle here more than 25 centuries ago.

A large game reserve and parkland surround the property. Hardly a day passes without a sighting of wild boar, deer, hare or pheasant.

La Petraia

"There is a place in the world that is as real as any place I have ever been in my life....Everybody should have a chance to visit La Petraia once in their life and go see what's real. Go see what life is about....If I am within 1000 miles you'll see me at La Petraia"
Mark Pascal, The Restaurant Guys Radio
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"Its not possible because your restaurant is integrated firmly into the experience of everything you are doing at La Petraia but if somehow the experience at the table in your restaurant could be magically transported to New York or San Francisco or Paris or London it would unquestionably be among the one or two best restaurants in any of those cities...It's a Michelin 3 star experience and its completely unique"
Francis Schott, The Restaurant Guys Radio

"It is in kitchens like this one, it's in kitchens like [Alice Waters'] Chez Panisse, it's in kitchens like Dan Barber's [Blue Hill] where we are celebrating agriculture again… That's really important because we've been denigrating agriculture for 100 years and the chefs have played an enormously important role in rebuilding the prestige of agriculture. The reason there are more people going into farming now is partly because of people like Susan and Alice Waters [and Dan Barber] who are pointing to the farmers and mentioning them on their menus and explaining that good cooking begins with good farming. That has really been an important cultural message because we need to change the prestige of farming before we get anywhere…A place like this is a laboratory...where ideas are hatched and ways of doing things are hatched and one hopes they'll be democratized."
Michael Pollan at The Petraia Sessions


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